What is Him-GRIH?

Himachal Pradesh Green Star Rating Initiative for Hotels (Him-GRIH) recognizes resorts, hotels, B&Bs, homestays, etc., that are committed to conserving and protecting Himachal Pradesh’s environment, by awarding them with 3 to 5 Green Stars as per their green initiatives.

They shall be awarded a certification of being a “Him-GRIH Green Star Hotel” by the Himachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board in their endeavour based on their self-assessment and verification by regional offices of the HPSPCB.

Why Him-GRIH is important?

  • check_small According to Booking.com’s 2021 Sustainable Travel Report, travellers’ day-to-day sustainable commitments are consistent with their intentions for future trips with 84% wanting to reduce general waste and 83% wanting to reduce their energy consumption (e.g., by turning off air conditioning and lights when they are not in a room), and 81% of travellers say they want to stay in a sustainable accommodation in the upcoming year.
  • check_small The pristine state of Himachal Pradesh is thronged by tourists from across the country and around the globe all throughout the year. To cater to them, entrepreneurs have established hotels and resorts of various scales.
  • check_small It must be a constant endeavour of all stakeholders including the HPSPCB, State Government, tourism industry and tourists to make sincere attempts to minimize the impact of the industry on the environment.
  • check_small Him-GRIH is an attempt that ropes in all stakeholders for their contributions in keeping the state pristine and an attractive destination for decades to come.

Benefits of Him-GRIH Rating


Reduced Cost

Green Star Hotels shall be guided on how to “tap” opportunities for reduction in waste, emission, discharge, and energy, thus reducing costs.


Trained Staff

The staff shall be trained and exposed to best practices which can make them decrease wastage and adopt efficient ways of operation


Increased Occupancy

For the environmentally conscious traveller, which numbers are increasing by the day, information about Green Star Hotels shall be provided to them at their fingertips through the website and mobile application.

Assessment Method?

Under Him-GRIH, tourism units in the State shall undertake a self-assessment and report the actions undertaken by them in a detailed application form. The application form has been designed to evaluate their commitment to water conservation, energy efficiency, waste management, wastewater usage, pollution control, etc. These applications shall be reviewed by the regional offices of HPSPCB and based on the responses, Green Star Ratings shall be awarded to these units.